Emergency Back Up Power Generators


What happens when your power goes out? Nothing...until you lose product in your home or business, become uncomfortable from the heat or cold, are unable to provide for your loved ones who may be in need of oxygen or other medical devices, and you find yourself having to move your family and pets, frozen and refrigerated goods elsewhere. Restaurant and bar owners can keep the registers ringing, the food being served, and the drinks being poured.



With your professionally installed Emergency Back Up Power Generator, all your concerns and worries are left behind. A transfer switch powers up your generator within a minute of a power outage. Everything from permits, compliance with utilities, and a well thought out system with your family or business in mind will be implemented.



You will be able to designate what or all of home life or your business necessities you want to enjoy and use when the power has gone off in your home, commercial or industrial situation.

Your Emergency Generator can be monitored and controlled from your iPhone, Android, iPad, PC or Mac.

Don't wait till you need one, be prepared.


Call or email for an appointment today!

It's your safety which matters most!

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