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Plaza Frontenac

We were tasked with replacing an aging system with a new, code compliant, voice evacuation system using Hyperspike Speakers. 

Tempur-pedic - Plaza Frontenac

We expanded the Mall's voice evacuation system into this tenant store space with great results! Addressable notification allows us a lot of flexibility with setup for spaces such as this. 


Aloft Hotel Saint Louis Cortex

We designed and programmed a fire alarm system for this Hotel. We ensured that the guest rooms were protected with low frequency sounders. With our self test feature, we can test the system at anytime and we don't need to go into each room to do it!

Atlas Public Schools

We designed, programmed, and installed a voice evacuation fire alarm in the School. We had a limited amount of time to get the system up and running and we were able to complete it in time. We thank our partners at Autocall for getting us the parts we needed fast. 

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