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Autocall Panel line up

Fire Alarm

We are the Autocall dealer for Missouri. Ask us today how our addressable notification technology can save you money on wiring costs with T-tapping. This system can do with programming what most Fire Alarm systems have to add expensive parts to accomplish. 

Area of Refuge

Area of Refuge

Our area of refuge system is easy to install and offers superior sound quality to the users. 

Once our system is installed, you can be sure your tenants/guests will be able to communicated via this system and understand the instructions they are given. 


Camera Systems

Camera Systems are critical for your home and business. We custom configure every camera system with your specifications in mind. This is not the cookie cutter camera systems you can buy elsewhere. We will make recommendations, but the final choice is yours!

Access Control

Access Control Systems.

Our access control systems are web based, easy to manage (add and delete users), and easy on the budget. Call us today to get a great access control system today!

IQ Alarm panel on wall

Security System

Security Systems.

Call us today to have our experts custom design you a security solution for your home or business! Our alarm systems can be armed/disarmed remotely using's robust systems. 

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